Princes of the Apocalypse

Discovering Tyar-Besil

The brothers spent a few days in Feathergale Spire recovering and interrogating Thurl. Nothing useful was discovered so they threw or rather let him throw himself off the side of the tower. A split second after a flap of wings brought 5 Aarakocra brothers onto the edge of the building. They had been watching the Spire for a few days, trying to decide whether Thurl was in control or rather being controlled by some darker force, Yan C Bin, the prince of Elemental Air. They gladly joined forces with the brothers and even helped calm the hippogriffs down in the stables as well as teach them a few phrases of Auran. Enough to use them as mounts.

The Aarakocra and brothers both agreed that there was a stronghold farther down the canyon so that night they approached and soon they came upon the entrance to a cave that lead deep into the earth. After a few hours of silent travel they came to a rather large underground stone city. The halls echo with horrible screams and eerie music.

Further in they discovered a tall beautiful pyramid like building that seemed to be the focus of this city. Inside they interrupted the weird worship of a few cult members who were quickly killed. They then ascended the stair quietly in hopes of surprising anyone on the second floor but instead found themselves walking into the throne room of a very tall, very angry looking she-elf with huge wings from her shoulders, Aerisi Kalinoth.

After a bloody fight they defeated her and her minions and searched the rest of the cavern discovering a group of prisoners who were being tortured by a group of kenku. They easily defeated them but Varron took one as prisoner as he recognized some of the screams coming from it. The prisoners knew Desyna but said she had been taken farther down.

The bros then decided to get the heck out taking the prisoners with them. After a long slow journey back they made it to the Spire where everything seemed to be good. They left the prisoners at the Spire and headed back to the cavern to explore it further. They befriended an enslaved djinni and freed him by breaking the horn that bond him to the Material plane. In return he brought them each a Bottle of Breath. He also examined the spear wielded by Aerisi Kalinoth and warned them against using it as he felt a sliver of the dark prince, Yan-C-Bin inside. Exploring further they found a band of air cultist patroling the main temple. They killed most of them, a few escaping by jumping down a shaft going down further then even their elf eyes could see.

Revenge on Feathergale
Everyone almost dies!

Despite Elrindir being locked in the dungeon beneath the monastery, the brothers easily defeated the monks with the use of handy fireballs and well basically fireballs. They freed all the other prisoners in the dungeon and discovered one of them was Bruldenthar, a dwarf from the Mirarbar delegation.

He revealed that the delegation was ambushed by strange men in stone armor and the priest, Qarbo, a few miles south of Beliard killing most of the guard and taking the rest captive. They then gave the sage’s beloved dwarven genealogy books(one of which ended up in Red Larch in Vallivoe’s Sundries where Varron purchased it. Endrith Vallivoe, the store owner, bought it from a shady peddler who had acquired it from a pirate named, Shoalar Quanderil in Womford) to some pirates for passage across the Dessarin River. While traveling through the Sumber hills to the monastery, their captives were attacked by bandits mounted on hippogriffs and dressed flamboyantly(aka the Feathergale Knights). They captured the delegate Deseyna Norvael but Bruldenthar and the rest were brought to the Sacred Stone Monastery. He was put to work in the mines, but delegates Rhundorth and Teresiel were taken below to an unknown fate in the “Temple”. He didn’t know much else except that the monks were definitely not your normal monks. The Abbess and Qarbo are actually worshipers of the “Black Earth” and report to someone called Marlos Urnrayle.

The brothers decided to rest in the monastery for a day before taking all the commoners to Red Larch. While exploring the monastery, Haladrel discovered the monks weren’t the only people who lived there. A lich named, Renwick, ocuppied the eastern part of the monastery. He had been living there way longer then the monks and they had learned not to mess with him. He did however seem to know an awful lot about the brothers and was curious if they were trying to run into these elemental cults or if it was accident? Apparently the Scared Stone monks were actually worshippers of the Black Earth and Ogremoch, the prince of Earth, and the Feathergale knights were followers of the Howling Hatred. Seemingly satisfied with Haladrel’s answers, he promised to keep the monastery unoccupied from any more monks from below and gave Haladrel an Amulet of Health which he said would come in handy.

Exploring the rest of the monastery, they discovered a distillery where the monks produced Scared Stone Brandy, some important papers and a manifesto in the library, and an Umberhulk in the basement which they had no problem defeating. The next day the brothers set out taking the prisoners to Red Larch. Nothing interrupted their journey but on the second day, Varron spotted what appeared to be hippogriffs following them from a good distance.

They arrived at Red Larch that evening and eager for revenge step out very early for Feathergale Spire. They arrived and were permitted entry discovering all to late that it was a trap. A very bloody fight ensued but finally the brothers manage to rally and kill everyone except Thurl who they wanted alive.

Into the Sumber Hills
Nobody dies... Yet...

News of the missing Mirabar delegation reached the brothers in the Helm at Highsun in Red Larch. After asking around they discovered that the delegation was mostly dwarves including a renowned dwarf historian named Bruldenthar and a shield dwarf named Rhundorth. Also in the party, a human noble from Waterdeep named Deseyna Majarra and a moon elf from Silverymoon named Teresiel. The delegation was transporting the body of a knight who was killed fighting orcs in the Spine of the World. The knight was to be interred with honor at Summit Hall, the chapter house of an order called the Knights of Samular. A very drunk caravan guard named Zomith said she saw the delegation arrive in Beliard roughly 15 days ago and Brother Eardon at the All-faiths Shrine said that he met the delegation leaving Beliard about a tenday ago and is concerned as he thought that they were going to stop in Red Larch soon.

The next morning at breakfast, Haeleeya Hanadroum brought a message to Haladrel from the Emerald Enclave(which she is totally positive he is a member of) about Teresiel. She was carrying a pouch of magical seeds that she was to deliver to Abbot Ellardin Darovik at Goldenfields and the Enclave is very concerned they have gone missing. Varron received a message from his Zhentarim contact, Bannister, in Waterdeep that the faction wanted him to investigate the delegation’s disappearance as they wanted a Zhentarim agent to be involved in finding them to gain renown for discovering them and oh, also there is a reward.

As the brothers were finishing breakfast, their very good friend, Constable(now also Mayor & Haladrel’s best friend. :P) Harburk came into the Inn with a local shepherd named Larmon Greenboot. He has a farm a couple miles outside of Red Larch and recently discovered some shallow graves on the hills bordering his land. He came into town to tell the Constable about it and Harburk asks the brothers if they can check it out. They agree and set out with the shepherd at once. The trip took the better part of the day and around dusk, they reached the site of the graves. Uncovering the graves revealed the bodies of a dwarf in fancy robes, a woman wearing armor emblazoned with the symbol of Mirabar, a black ax, a man dressed in strange armor made of stone with the triangle symbol, and a man in a white robe with black feathers and a strange symbol.

Further examination of the ground surrounding the graves revealed some tracks that were identified as belonging to a hippogriff. To the northwest they saw rising out of the hills a tall gleaming white spire which Larmon told them was Feathergale Spire inhabited by the Feathergale knights, a group of nobles from Waterdeep. He also mentioned that he believed them to be slightly crazy and they spent most of their time riding huge flying monsters that no decent person should go near. As night was drawing near, Larmon offered the brothers lodging, however they decided to turn down his offer and camped out under the stars. They were however attacked by a pack of wolves that resulted in near death for both Varron and Elrindir who were saved by the skin of Haladrel’s dire wolf teeth. Frustrated, they spent the rest of the night at the shepherd’s house and set out early the next morning for Feathergale Spire.

After a few hours of riding they arrived at the mouth of the Sighing Valley. They outran and killed a griffon and swiftly defeated a gang of gnolls before arriving at the Spire. They were permitted entry by a Feathergale knight named Savra Belabranta. She brought them before Thurl Merosska, head of the Feathergale Knights, who they questioned about the graves and the hippogriff tracks they found there. Thurl denied that his knights and hippogriffs were at all involved in any such dealings and was altogether rather suspiciously defensive of their inquires. He did however invite them to their feast that night celebrating 100 years of the Feathergale Society. The feast was a grand affair although Haladrel kept asking Thurl questions throughout the night not wanting to let the matter go until finally Thurl said that he would be more than happy to answer more questions in the morning and they could question the knights if that would make them feel better but to just enjoy the feast this evening. After that rather tense moment, a knight came bursting into the dining room yelling, “Manticore on the move!”. Thurl stood up and held a ring aloft saying, “A prize for the one who brings me the beast’s head and double to anyone who brings two!”. The brothers were invited to join in and lent some giant vultures for the chase. They proved to be very good at manticore hunting killing 2 to the knight’s 0 and only using Elrindir’s bow in the process. They were celebrated as heroes on their return to the Spire as two manticores in under an hour was a new record! Thurl rewarded them with an enhanced ring of feather falling and a necklace of fireballs.

As the party continued, a not entirely sober Savra approached Elrindir and commended his skill at killing the manticores and asked if he wanted to join the knights. She thought he would make a wonderful knight and started telling him about how the knights were so much more then hippogriff enthusiasts. She started telling him vaguely about how they worship the air and it empowers them. The great Yan-C-Bin grants them air power and their skills are growing. Soon he may join them if they can gather enough followers for him! Savra promises to ask Thurl about it and get Elrindir a meeting the next day. After that the party eventually dies down and they all head to bed.

The next morning, the brothers are brought onto the top of the Spire where Thurl is waiting for them. However it is not Savra who calls them and she is strangely nowhere to be seen. Once they reach the top, Thurl pulls them aside and confides to them that actually one of their hippogriffs went missing the previous week and he is suspicious of the Scared Stone monks who occupy the monastery roughly 20 miles from the Spire. One of his scouting parties saw a group of them traveling near where the graves have now appeared. Although the brothers still have their suspicions, his concern about the monks seems genuine.

Shockingly the brothers leave Feathergale Spire with all the knights and Thurl intact and nobody thrown off the side and set off for the Scared Stone Monastery. It was a fairly uneventful trip except for when they were attacked by two ankhegs and Varron’s horse was killed. :P They arrived at the monastery around dusk. Haladrel approached the front entrance and tried to warn the monks that the Feathergale knights might be accusing them unjustly of murder. It however did not seem to worry them and he was unceremoniously turned away. Elrindir tried with somewhat better success and made it inside for the night posing as a waylaid monk in need of a safe resting place. The monks who were all robed and wearing super creepy gargoyle(foreboding, much?) masks didn’t really open up much to his questions about the monastery. Elrindir had better luck with the two guards who he discovered were the personal bodyguards for the priest, Qarbo, who served as a messenger for the prophet, Marlos Urnrayle. After they left and Elrindir was bought his supper nothing much happened.

After waiting the appropriate amount of time for everyone to be asleep, he sneaked out and started exploring room to room until he arrived in what appeared to be the altar room. Elrindir was unable to decipher the strange runes and dwarven script running around the altar. He did however discover a now very familiar triangle symbol carved into the stone wall and a grand staircase leading down to a set of heavy iron doors. He then proceeded out of the side door into the garden where he discovered some less then friendly gargoyles who immediately started at his presence. Utilizing his swift monk speed, Elrindir made it back to his room before they got very far. However mere minutes later, the door was flung off it’s hinges and a rather peeved head Abbess followed by her personal guard and four monks marched into the room. Will Elrindir’s lie be enough? Will they all die?? What does that brass lever in the altar room do??? :P

P.S. Sorry it’s so long! Just trying to get everything possible written down but I’ll be better about writing one every time so they are shorter. :P Also you guys seriously need to pull that lever! Nothing bad will happen. DM promise. :P

Expanding from Red Larch

The brothers finished up exploring the underground network of caves and then proceeded to accompany the Constable to clean up the secret society of “Believers” that were running amok in the town. Haladrel shaped shifted into a wolf and tracked the son and the other two a house north of town. After surrounding the house, the individuals ran out and between the Wolf-form Haladrel, Elrindir’s quarterstaff and Varron’s rapier were quickly dealt with.

During the interrogation the brothers found out that the group was run by Larrakh , who was killed at the end of the last adventure. He convinced them that sacrifices were to be made for him to interpret the stones and continue to lead the “Believers”. They also learned that Larrakh answered to an outside group. Among those implicated in the plot the Mayor was found to be guilty as an accomplice to murder, and was replaced by the Constable (who continues to exceed Haladrel’s expectations).

Haladrel then reminded the party of the skeptical claims of the little girl and her sightings of ghosts. Being bored they set out and followed the directions of the young girl toward an old tomb. They investigated and to their surprise were greeted by a spectre that accosted them and said “My master bids you leave this place at once.” Being the understanding and courteous individuals that they are, the brothers destroyed the spectre, pushed farther into the tomb to discover a coffin and a chest. The coffin contained an animated sword which was destroyed. Upon inspection by Varron the chest contained a book of Elvish poetry, a pair of wedding bands, a piece of cloth with the symbol of the house of Hauntingthorn(a noble family from Waterdeep), and a gold locket with a picture of a lovely half-elf female inside.


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